Alexander McQueen

Following that seriously beautiful dress that new head of Alexander McQueen Sarah Burton designed for last week’s royal wedding (those lace sleeves were to die for) it seemed like the perfect time to ogle the British design house’s shoes for the season.

The brand’s trademark eccentricity was definitely present; with brass embellishments and multi-layered heels being the collection’s biggest statement. The shoes seem to split themselves into two major groups, tough black leather boots with metal embellishments and buckles, and delicate sandals with heels that seem to be fashioned from delicate wisps of smoke and clouds.

McQueen’s usual inspiration’s from nature are still in place, with the collections wedges, and even some of the boots adorned with beautiful leather leaves that layer over each other, giving the pieces a wonderfully textured feel. On the catwalk the collection’s fabulous layered wedges were styled with butterflies so lifelike one almost wondered how they managed to get them to stay so still.

It takes a very fashion forward woman to pull these heels off; but accessorised right and worn with simple clothing, perhaps a chic shift dress, (you don’t want to overdo it, especially with the risk of deflecting attention from these beauties) these heels would make a wonderful addition to your closet, and could be a real investment.

Prices on the simpler shoes in the collection start at £450, with the more decorative heels costing around £995; you can view more and shop the collection at

The thing about a good pair of shoes is, they can really change your entire day.


Whilst pounding the pavement in New York over the last few days, I have (finally) clapped eyes on the new Louboutin collection (The one we featured a little over a month ago) in the flesh. And to actually see them and to be able to hold a pair creates an even more intense shoe lust than simply viewing them on your computer screen or on a laptop, because you actually get to appreciate the amazing craftsmanship that goes into a heel as expensive and prestigious as a Louboutin. From tiny, intricate stitches to the softest, most supple leathers and luxurious, delicate lace. Beautiful. Even though they’re way over my personal budget (selling my soul wouldn’t even give me enough cash), but just to have the opportunity to touch and hold a pair of shoes that are so fabulous and so stunningly well made in my hands makes my day a little bit better.


While I perused Manhattan’s designer boutiques, something else caught my eye that’s part of a collection that just looking at makes me happy; Yves St. Laurent pumps in super soft suede. The boutique I happened to be in had them in a stunning sunshine orange (it was this bright flash of colour that caught me) and a gorgeous deep blue that had me aching to step into those blue suede shoes.


The pumps turned out to be the YSL Palais; not from the current season, but an absolutely classic shoe. You can still get hold of them for around £500, and they are sure to add a touch of classic Yves St Laurent glamour to your wardrobe. They come in enough colours to make rainbow brite happy!


You can grab yourself a pair at'palais'_platform_pump:313463&cm_pla=shoes:women:pumps&cm_ven=Froogle&mr:referralID=NA&mr:trackingCode=9007A0C1-75A1-DF11-904F-002219319097

Must haves at Miu Miu

I have a little confession to make. As someone who is hopelessly obsessed with heels, it’s obvious that I love Louboutin, adore Manolo Blahnik and I have worshipped at the high-heeled altar that is shoe design icon Jimmy Choo more or less my entire adult (and teenage) life.


But, despite this, there are one other designer’s shoe collections that always have me on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what they have on offer. One brand that has me absolutely desperate to buy a pair for myself. That brand, that has always created shoes that have always had me in knots and leaves me feeling suitably sad about not having my own pair to cherish, is Miu Miu.


This season’s offering was no exception; the usual cute, playful, super wearable style was there, and had me giving serious thought to seeing if I could get a down payment on selling my soul.


Cute kitsch polka dots adorn the most darling little red peep-toe heels, and reappear on towering green platform sandals. The brand have really caught on to the ever present nautical style in this summer’s collection, giving us heels with an effortless Riviera chic that anyone can wear. They have both heels and flats (such sweet little pumps with red, white and blue stripes, a must have) that would be absolutely perfect with billowing white linen trousers and a sunhat, whether you wear them on the deck of an expensive yacht for an evening with a debonair gentleman or even just out for an afternoon coffee in the sun with your best gal-pals.


With the other heels in the collection, the devil really is in the details; with diamantes adorning straps and details on fabulous nude and black heels, as well as some super cute bejewelled heels that are sure to dazzle on the dance floor in any club.


The collection is available right now; you can see more (and buy them!) at and prices start at £295.

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