Suede Shoe-Guide: Top 3 Survival Shoe Tips

You know that time when you saved and saved, and well… saved, quite frankly for those gorgeous 105mm heeled Gianvito Rossi mesh panelled suede pumps, just to have it washed straight down the drain? Literally? They were supposed to make you quirky on the ‘casual dress’ day at the office, the trendsetter at Sunday lunch with your girlfriends, bright, unique and confident at your weekend trip to Paris with your other half…



Never again, you said. We've all been there. Saved and saved (you already know where this is going!)for that perfect pair of suede boots right before stepping out in a complete downpour, permanently destroying all future hope of the chic ensembles you'd already dreamed up; an outfit to pair with our boots for every imaginable occasion- apart from this very walk on the rainy, puddle-spotted sidewalk.



We’ve been there, forgot the umbrella, paid the price (for our shoes and mistake!) and we've come back with this story. Hold on, there's more. Best of all, we're here to help you gorgeous fashionistas avoid that scenario entirely- or if you've been there, forgot the umbrella… we'll make sure it won't happen again. Here’s our Top 3 Things that will Save Your Wallet and Your Heels!



A brand new pair of suede heels… Fellow BuyMyHeels ladies, we all have a large investment sitting on our shoe racks. This means proper shoe-care is the best insurance for our gorgeous purchases.

  1. Suede-Protect and Clean Kit. (A complete kit will come with both a protectant spray, suede brush which is usually made from brass and a block/suede eraser).
    - The protectant spray will repel both hazardous water and dirt. It’s important to periodically top-up the spray as it does wear off. Always spray from a good distance (30cm). Too close may stain the suede whilst simultaneously, too far will be ineffective.
    - Refresh the nap and colour of the suede by using the brush, gently brushing back and forth with short strokes. This will also remove light dirt and the dreaded ‘scuff marks’. Continue by combing the nap back in place using strokes in the same direction.

  2. Heavy Stains. (Remember: Only use products specifically designed for your shoe’s material. Suede and smooth leather is most definitely NOT the same thing.)
    - Cleaning Block/Suede Eraser crumbles when being worked across your footwear’s surface, removing tough and deeper embedded dirt.

  3. If the damage is done… Some stains are just harder to remove. Take your footwear to a professional shoe care service. This is most definitely more expensive but more effective on very bad stains. The key to great maintenance is just that; maintenance.

Bonus Tricks:

  1. - A shoe tree maintains the shape. Otherwise, stuff your suede footwear with white paper (newsprint can seep onto the material) before embarking onto a new cleaning adventure to ensure shape is maintained. - Sunshine will fade the colour. Always store your footwear in a cool dry place.
  2. -If possible, stains should be treated immediately with solvent-based suede suede cleaner.
  3. -Being based in typically rainy locations (London, I’m looking at you!), a ‘more often’ approach to spraying your suede footwear (with protectant spray, not water..) should be adapted.
  4. -Lastly, if you’re heels are properly cleaned and unfortunately look better than brand new-yes , this is possible!- with the nap ‘too brushed and excessively shiny’, lightly fluff and fill out the texture of the suede by very gently moving the brush back and forth. Make sure the area is entirely clean so you don’t end up brushing the dirt around.

Ladies, remember that with great preparation comes even greater maintenance. So wear your suede heels with pride.


By Jamie Sofia Johansson.

Its here! Its finally here!

“What is here?!” I hear you cry. It’s the first of red carpet of the awards season and boy has it started with a bang!

I was going to start of slow and ease your way into it, slowly building up momentum to a grand finale but I just can’t help myself.

First up, the best dressed of the night (and probably for the last few years) goes to the gorgeous and talented Miss Lupita Nyong’o who stunned us into silence in this crimson Ralph Lauren caped gown, yes I said caped and shall all deal. 

Lupita Nyong'o in Ralph Lauren

Let us just sit here for a moment and admire this fabulous woman.She chose to wear red on the red carpet and still managed to stand out and beat all the other A listers as if she'd been walking the red carpet her whole life.

I'm going to have to stop there before I dedicate this whole blog post to one woman. Not a bad thing but I'm sure you all want to know what else went down in Tinseltown. (Yay it rhymed.)

Next up I have to give this one to the proud Mamas-to-be a.k.a Kerry Washington and Olivia Wilde.

Bonne Année! Feliz año nuevo! Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2014! A new year marks new beginnings and in the fashion world that means a new season. To kickstart the fashion season i.e. the Autumn/Winter 2014 season we have London Collections: Men.

London Collections Men



LCM is relatively new to the fashion week calendar; now in its 4th season, it began in 2012 to great success and it made us all wonder why it didn’t exist before!

Craig Green AW 13

I know there are some gentleman readers of buyMYheels *waves* so I’m sure you will agree with me that men’s fashion isn’t that big of a deal…well in relation to women’s fashion. You know I’m right. However, in recent years there has been a collective appreciation for well dressed men and slowly but surely, interest has risen with London being the city at the forefront of men’s fashion. We could possibly attribute this to the city’s rich tailoring history with Savile Row but I’m sure others will disagree and say “blame David Beckham!” True or not, it has been a collective effort to get men’s fashion on the rise and I for one cannot complain. Let me tell you, women love a well dressed man. Trust me, George Clooney hasn’t got this far just on his looks alone. No really, otherwise GQ magazine wouldn't exist now would it?!

I myself am a big fan of men's fashion and I just love fashion creativity. There's very few professions where you can get away with putting planks of wood of people's faces and be applauded for it (see image above). Fashion is fun and full of life. Its about time men appreciated it for themselves.

David Gandy @LCM

Another great element to LCM is its support for up and coming designers and that means fashion graduates. Its pretty hard out there to make a name for yourself amongst the already established powerhouses so for LCM to exist for these designers is excellent.

London Collections Men is currently taking place from Monday 6th January – Wednesday 8th January. I’m definitely going to do some style spotting.


By Monique Simpson



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