Monsieur Louboutin is still here!

Monsieur Louboutin is still here!

And heís still ready to snatch your money. Well not in the literal sense but I bet it feels like that when you spend hundreds on a pair of shoes. No matter how fabulous and totally, necessary to your life they are.


I say Louboutin is still here because I just havenít heard his name being shouted from the rooftops on a regular basis anymoreÖat least compared to a few seasons ago. Do you remember how pretty much every celebrity was wearing a pair of Louboutins, at any given moment and we were always checking if their shoes had that iconic red sole? Nowadays it seems like all is quiet on that front.


Except, not really.


In fact, Christian Louboutin has become so popular that heís become a fashion Ďrequirementí. Itís the norm to see your favourite celebs wearing his creations on the red carpet and thatís probably why it seems like the hype has died down.

Added to that, a lot of women tend to go for the much tamer shoes of Louboutinís collection such as the Pigalle Patent or the Bianca Patent.


Most likely because they go with almost anything and can easily be worn as a stylish work shoe or for a night on the tiles. I think thatís such a shame though because one of my favourite things about Louboutin is his ability to apply his eccentric nature to his work. Hence why I am in love with these Keny Pythonís from the FW13 collection. The only way I can describe these beauties is just sexy. The mix of python and leather with the leopard is wild and adventurous; if this shoe was a person, itíd be Samantha from Sex and the City.


And these fabulous Pate Au Chou Ponyís (below), which remind me so much of cabaret dancers which I think is a lovely reminder of Louboutinís early connections to cabaret shows as well as his appointment as guest creator for Crazy Horse Cabaret.


And donít worry boys, I havenít forgotten about you. There are a range of fabulous shoes available right now that are just as astonishing as the womenís range. Iíve picked a couple of my faves for your viewing pleasure.

Watson Pony

Daddy Velvet.           


I especially love the Daddy Velvetís because tartan is one of my favourite patterns and both shoes just shout suave and sophisticated.


Be sure to check out Christian Louboutinís FW13 collection; my choices are only a small sample of the great products on there. Let me know what you think and if you could have any Christian Louboutin shoe, which would be?

Looking forward to your choices!

By Monique Simpson


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