Truth or Dare by Madonna

Truth or Dare by Madonna

Hey you guys, there are so many exciting new things taking the world by storm this Summer! As I previously mentioned the Olympic Games have finally kicked off here in London and that’s not even half of what’s to come. The fashion industry are breaking in-and breaking news with more than each season, more than each month – you can find things to astonish you each week, if not each day!

The city of London is absolutely buzzing and it's an amazing and inspiring place to be. Last night was the Olympic Games' Opening Ceremony and no one managed to miss that, did they? What a spectacular sight! Me and my boyfriend were watching it all on the TV whilst every now-and-then turning down the volume to get a feeling of the real deal, he lives in E3 and literally 10min away from the Olympic Stadium. Most fabulous was the final fireworks where we ran outside and looked down the road to catch the sky exploding with light! It was wonderful, and once they died out we heard Paul McCartney's voice echo through the night as the exploding sky turned into light-beams that shot across it instead, I am still in absolute awe!  It was the perfect start to this time of union between nations and yet another addition that will turn this season into a truly unforgettable summer.

But apart from the Olympic Games, what news within the fashion, and footwear, industry was I hinting at previously? Well to tell you the absolute truth, there’s not just one thing but more than enough to fill our days. The focus of today though is Madonna! Yes, you really did read that right; MADONNA!

This Icon has been taking the world by storm for decades, quite literally. Not just within the music industry but she’s managed to lead her own in the fashion one too, all the while. She made even further success when she introduced the world to her junior’s line ‘Material Girl’ and reported a few months back that we’d soon see a new line of hers for grown-ups under the enticing name “Truth or Dare”, following her fragrance with the same name.

Currently on her MDNA-tour overseas in the array of costumes it did make me wonder what sort of path this collection would take, and if it’s indeed something to sport as a choice for day, work or even in a club, frankly. After introducing us to a Shoe-collection to start off the ‘Truth or Dare’ fashion-image, I must say that any sceptical views I previously possessed flew straight out of my kitchen window!

That’s not to say the collection is not ‘Madonna’, because it is very much so. It’s dark and sparkly, texturized and heel-heights to rival any of the pairs the artist herself’s on-stage attire, and that says something in itself. Oh, and there are studs. A lot of studs in places! So yes, it’s Madonna – a clean-style, fabulous and powerful Madonna and Woman. I am impressed and I can see each pair on my shoe-abused soles. The tricky part now is what pair to choose?

The line will be found on August 1st at Macy’s in the United States and Nordstrom’s stores.

“No word yet as to when they will be available on British high streets”, Metro reported.  Although after a tad bit more digging through the wires of the World Wide Web I managed to scout the Selfridges website with what looks exactly like the ‘Truth or Dare’- Campaign, so I suggest checking back around the same date in the beginning of August. Also will also produce the range and prices seem to be on the reasonable side between $89 - $349.

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