Stuart Weitzman

Weitzman’s Got The Magic Wand


Some shoe designers, are like magicians. They create the exact shoe you want, it hits the stores exactly when you need it, and it’s literally like your own fairy godmother has twirled a magic wand over your wardrobe woes (once you have the right shoes, the outfit normally falls into place soon afterward). Stuart Weitzman has waved a magic wand over his whole collection, by adding one little feature that makes my feet tingle with joy. Cushioned foot beds.


Because as much as I love high heels, I suffer for this love. Blisters, bumps, bruises, it all comes with the territory for the love of a good shoe, but the notion of having a little extra cushioning to protect the soles of my feet sounds like heaven to me. You may be wondering why I don’t just become an advocate of Scholl’s party feet. Well... the collection is pretty damn amazing, to the point where I’d want pretty much everything in it, even without the added luxury of a cushioned sole.


A collection that has a little something to tickle your fancy no matter who you are; whether you like to keep it at an understated level of chic with a simple black court shoe, or if you like to let your inner party animal out with a pair of sexy leopard print platforms. If you like to play the tough rock chick from time to time, (a la Rihanna perhaps?) the collection has the perfect leather heels for that too. Complete with delicious lace up edges and eyelets that will have you channelling the very essence of rock and roll through your shoes in no time at all.


Prices start at a very reasonable £325, and the whole collection is available to buy online right now.


To have a look see at the rest of the collection or to buy online go to:

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